Roman Marbles

Roman Marbles. The Art Collection of Axel Munthe at Villa San Michele, Capri.

Värnamo 2003. ISBN 91-46-20242-0.


Villa San Michele with its extraordinary view over the Bay of Naples was created by the Swedish doctor Axel Munthe. Works of antique and later art are displayed in the house and its semi-open spaces. Also the precious terraced garden houses works of art, many of which were made of marble in the Roman period.  The book presents the Doctor, the legends and the site as well as Roman marbles and prevailing mythological themes.

Translation: Rod Bradbury.

The work with this book was funded by Harald and Tonny Hagendahl Memorial Fund, and printing costs contributed by The King Gustav VI Adolf’s Foundation for Swedish Culture and The Swedish Royal Patriotic Society.


roman marbles
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