Agneta Freccero

Research, publications and painting

Art and artists’ materials

Art and artists’ materials in antiquity are topics investigated in most projects briefly described. In focus are methods used for Roman wall painting and as surface protective for marble statues in ancient Greece and Rome. The encaustic technique was investigated and experiments made to reconstruct materials and techniques. Samples of antique and reconstructed materials were analysed in scientific laboratories.


The publications are the results of research and conservation projects. Some projects, such as Pompeian Plasters, principally regard research. Others, such as those focused on antique marble, in Italy and Turkey, were formed as didactic projects integrating conservation and research. An interdisciplinary research and conservation project was carried out at a noble palace in central Rome.

Space and Light

As a principle, I am investigating space and light, or space as experienced by the influence of light. The feeling of bright light that dissolves the actual shapes of objects, of the tender light in a dark blue summer night, or of the weak light in mist are interesting – but also the unseen space which is only imagined when you look intensely at an object – there is some environment around but only as perception of space and light.

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