Labraunda: wall decoration

Fragments of wall decoration have been found during excavations of buildings at Labraunda. The present project regards studies of the materials that had been used for wall decoration from the Hellenistic period to late Antiquity. Fragments of mortar, plaster and wall decoration were found during recent excavations of Andron A, which is dated to the

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The Harpy Monument

Paint on white marble, a research project. What do we really know about the polychromy on antique marble statuary? Were statues and reliefs actually painted, and if so, what materials paints were used? These were some questions posed in the present project, which concerns gypsum copies of the sculpted decoration on Kybernis Monument, also known

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Pompeii: plaster investigation

Research project on plasters used for Pompeian wall painting, 2002-2005, 2010-2012. How did the Romans prepare the walls to make the paintings so extremely durable? Wall paintings exposed to weather and wind remain for centuries until they finally fade away or the preparation falls off. When studying the materials, there seemed to be differences related

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Encausto and Ganosis

Bees wax was used as a binding medium for paint in Antiquity, and so was a product named Punic wax.  The present project in 1996-1997, refers to a series of tests aiming at reconstructing Punic wax. Some series of experiments to reconstruct Punic wax  were made as part of my research on encaustic as paint

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