Pompeian Plasters

Insula I 9 and Forum

Rome 2005. ISSN 1824-7725.

The Swedish Institute in Rome. Projects and Seminars 5:1.

available on-line: www.isvroma.it  (publications)


Investigation on Pompeian wall painting and the materials of which these were made. The project, funded by The Swedish Research Councel (Vetenskapsrådet) was made in collaboration with the Soprintendenza archeologica di Pompei, and the archaeological projects of The British School at Rome and Virginia University, USA. Samples were analysed at the laboratories at Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche/Istituto per la Conservazione e la Valorizzazione dei Beni Culturali (CNR/ICVBC) in Florence, Italy.

pompeian plasters 1
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