La collezione di antichità di Palazzo Lancellotti ai Coronari, Roma

Editors: Marcello Barbanera and Agneta Freccero.

Roma 2008. ISBN 978-88-8265-485-6.


Palazzo Lancellotti ai Coronari houses a large collection of statues, reliefs and other works of art made of marble. Most items are of the Roman period, often with reconstruction or infillings where pieces were missing, mostly datable to the Baroque period. The first section contains articles regarding the history of the palace, of the family, as well as on the conservation and discussions on conservation ideology.  The contributions are written by art historians, archaeologists, conservators, and officials. The second section is a complete catalogue of the marbles in the palace.

This publication is the result of a conservation and research project which started in 2003.


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