Villa San Michele, Capri: marble conservation

Villa San Michele houses a large collection of antique items of marble, mainly statues and architectural decorations. Most works of art are placed in open air environments such as the sculpture gallery, the atrium and the garden. A didactic conservation project aiming at the preservation of the objects was planned in 1997. The project, which initiated in 1998, was planned as in collaboration between the Director of Villa San Michele Anne Marie Kjellander, the Institute of Conservation at Gothenburg University and me as director of the project. Several professionals within the  field art, archaeology, and conservation, contributed with much appreciated lessons during informal weekend seminars. The didactic part of the project ended in 2000, after which I have continued with conservation interventions and maintenance until 2013. Evaluations of the interventions and tests were made at regular intervals.

The reports are available at Villa San Michele and some results presented in Realia nr 1 2012. See Publications/Articles.


Villa San Michele, cortile and the head of Odysseus restored.
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