Art, Conservation, Science

Art, Conservation, Science. The Collection of Antiquities at the Palazzo Lancellotti ai Coronari, Rome. The West Wall of the Courtyard – Work in Progress.

Edited by Marcello Barbanera and Agneta Freccero.

Rome 2005. ISSN 1825-7725.

The Swedish Institute in Rome. Projects and seminars 3:1.

available on-line: (publications)

The courtyard at Palazzo Lancellotti was at focus when this didactic research and conservation was planned.  Works of art made of marble are free-standing and inserted into the walls of this open space. Most items are of the Roman era, often with reconstructed parts made during the Baroque period. To begin with, four more than life-size statues at the west wall were thoroughly studied and conserved. Previous restorations and materials were studied as one way of describing the items history. Art historians, architects, conservators, archaeologists, and Soprintendenza archeologica di Roma. The present publication describes the initial phase.

The project was funded by Fondazione Famiglia Rausing, Vitterhetsakademien, Svenska Rominstitutets Vänner, and Helge Axson Johnson’s Foundation.




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