Marble Conservation at Labraunda

Conservation of sculpted architectural marble at Labraunda.

How do we handle and take care of excavated marble that remains in open air environment at an archaeological site? Swedish excavation began at Labraunda in 1948. No excavations were carried out between 1960 and 1988, that is, until Professor Pontus Hellström at Uppsala University received the permission to initiate a new period of excavation. Since 2004 Professor Lars Karlsson is the director of excavations. In 2009 I was asked to make a survey with the objective of planning conservation of the marbles which hadby then been unattended for decades. In 2010 I made a survey and tested some conservation materials. The following year two conservation students from Gothenburg  University participated in the first conservation campaign, during which some small but systematic tests of consolidation substances were made. Work continued in 2012, and will be performed during 2 weeks in 2013.